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  1. Just wanted to see what others thought of this. I know of a professional scouter in our council, Exploring Executive, who also wants to be in leadership positions at a troop/pack/crew level. He wants to be a Scoutmaster, or possibly committee chair of a troop. I've hear that this is frowned upon, but don't know that there is any rule against it. Personally i think there could be a bit of conflict of interests here. Also, knowing the individual in question as being a person who is more concerned with getting accolades and awards for himself, than he is with helping the scouts. I'm worried he would use any influence he had at the office to benefit 'his' troop, mainly to make himself look good. He also has a hard time actually letting the scouts do things, he's more of a I'll do it so it get's done right type of person. Scouts learn from doing and making their own mistakes, and it supposed to be a boy led program, not adult spoon fed program. He's not a bad person, though he's still young (< 30 ) and as I said earlier more concerned with making himself look good than anything else. Thoughts.... I'm not the only one that feels this way about this person, there are other people who have the same thoughts about this person around here. Here's a few example of how I've heard him described; arrogant, selfish/self centered, helps only if it makes him look good, self serving,wants awards on his uniform.
  2. ScouterJLM

    No more Bubble Ball

    Can't run around in a big plastic ball for fear of it popping on a scout, but yet we still allow them to slide down a cliff on a rope, shoot rifles, shotguns, pistols, arrows, & handle pocket knives. There's apparently no risk involved in any of those activities. Oh what about cooking, boiling water can be extremely dangerous. Oh can't go camping anymore, they might get killed or injured in a car accident on the way to or from the camp grounds. Backpacking is out, too many wild animals that might eat them, and they might trip and skin their knee. As someone else mentioned we can have them glue macaroni to cans to make really cool pencil holders. Wait... No that's out too, might be a sharp edge on the soup can that they could get cut on... Some decisions made by national are just plain stupid. Hope they don't take my sarcasm the wrong way and start banning those activities mentioned above as well. If it keeps going this way, we may be reduced to camping via skype, where everyone sits in their home and we look at pictures of mountains and lakes rather than actually going to them.
  3. ScouterJLM

    Eligibility to be Elected

    Thanks to everyone for your comments and thought on this issue. You've given me some things to think about, having a few different views on the issue. I got more out of this than I thought I would. Just a couple of my thoughts after looking these over. First I'm a firm believer in the Boy Led Troop, and to the greatest extent possible I let the Scouts plan and carry out the troop program, providing suggestions and guidance as needed and to the best of my ability. (I'm not perfect, but I try... ) So with this, in the past we have just looked at the technical requirements for eligibility, rank & camping, and relied on the scouts to elect those that are deserving. I asked the question this year, because I have been less than satisfied with the results of some of our previous elections. I have had more deserving scouts, that less popular not get elected and the less deserving yet more popular scouts are elected. And when I say more deserving, I'm referring to the ones that are actually trying to do the best they can, that do live by the Oath and Law. The less deserving, are those that don't always live up to the Oath and Law or even try to put forth their best effort. Yes, I try to encourage them, and have talked with them and on some occasions the parents about their lack of enthusiasm. Some of the parents act concerned, and some obviously really don't care. And if the parents don't care, it can be hard to get the Scout to care.... At least that's been my experience. On a side note, relatively new to this site, but I think I may come back more often. I did get more than I expected out of this, and want to thank you all again for your thoughts.
  4. ScouterJLM

    Eligibility to be Elected

    Looking for advice on OA elections for my troop, I have a couple of scout that are technically eligible, meeting the rank and camping requirements. But their attitude and 'Scout Spirit could still use some work. The good kids, but just not always very enthusiastic and helpful to other scouts. Also, they go on camp outs because their parents send them more than because they want to. So, as I understand it they also need their scoutmaster's approval, that's me, and 'm not sure I approve. But I also don't want to seem like I'm being an a%# about this. So tell me am I being to picky on this, I do believe it to be and honor to be elected into the OA, and don't think we should be too loose with who we allow on the ballots. What do you all think.....
  5. ScouterJLM

    Patrol Cook Kits

    Thanks for the Info from all that replied, we currently do have the scouts all bring their own mess kits, and it is interesting to see what they bring. And how they handle it when someone forgets theirs.
  6. ScouterJLM

    Patrol Cook Kits

    Does anyone know where I can get patrol cook kits, only ones I've found only have max of 4 plates & cups. A patrol kit should have a minimum of 8 plates and cups. Even the one ScoutStuff.org only has 4. I was hoping to find ones like I remember having back in the late 70's early 80's that had plenty of plates and cups for a full patrol. It was all in on self contained kit, a large pot, a smaller pot, the lids doubled as frying pans. Everything fit in the large pot with the lid on. I would really like to find something similar to put in the new patrol boxes I'm planning on building for my troop. We currently have very unorganized 'tubs' and the cooking gear is less than ideal, so I'd really like to find some good replacements. IF anyone has any good ideas on where to find some good cook kits please let me know.