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  1. @Torchwood-"How are you serving the Scout Law with your post?" Your assertion lends compelling evidence that you have no experience in focused studies of "Social Psychology". Let me introduce you to a term that will help you understand that- what one wears on the outside is remarkably applicable to what happens on the inside. Please note the term “Enclothed Cognitionâ€Â. [h=2]Abstract[/h] We introduce the term “enclothed cognition†to describe the systematic influence that clothes have on the wearer's psychological processes. We offer a potentially uni
  2. I don't wear them, and yes they are in a box. Frankly I am put off by adults who overload their uniforms with patches, beads, and pins.
  3. As a Historian I view the uniform of today with mixed thoughts. I find the De La Renta uniform emasculating, or depriving our youth of the virile outdoors qualities once so powerfully attributed to Scouting. Furthermore, these uniforms step away from tradition which youth need so badly in a time of throw-a-way transient culture. Take a moment and view a Norman Rockwell Boy Scout painting. Contemplate the qualities attributed to the uniforms depicted and then compare that to todays uniform. Boys, especially teen Scouts need a look that conveys
  4. I understand most of the youth related awards are not to be worn on adult uniforms yet, I have found no details regarding skill awards and adult uniforms? What about formal occasions? Kindest regards Troy
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