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  1. These are all really great ideas. Thanks for all the input everyone.
  2. I think we're going to do something like this for sure.
  3. If we had a guess speaker what would they usually talk about at a Pack meeting? Do you usually have refreshments and snacks at Pack meetings?
  4. So we've finally gotten to the point to where we're ready for our first pack meeting. I wanted to get some ideas for things we should do during the meeting besides passing out awards. All the boys will be receiving the Bobcat rank along with a few of them getting some belt loops they've earned. What else can we do to make this exciting for everyone that comes?
  5. We haven't had a Round up at any schools but there are a few that I'm trying to work with the DE for my area to go in to and have a sign up night for our pack.
  6. The nearest healthy pack is a 20 minute drive from our house. I've talked to several people about joining and I've found out rather quick that a lot of the time people will come up with some sort of reason that they can't join. Rather, they are to busy with work, have to many other things going on and so on and so on. We have a lot of competitive sports especially baseball around our area and we lose quit a bit of kids to that. Personally I think it's more the parents thinking that baseball will get them something because I've never meet a kid in the 3rd grade that wants to play & practice
  7. jblake, I appreciate the words of encouragement. I think I have such high expectations of what this program was going to be and people were going to be as enthusiastic about it than I was. I know at least my son is having a good time and enjoys me being the Cubmaster & his Den Leader but as I stated in my first post are the kids getting what they should out of the program when there is only one of each of them in their Den and the only interaction with other kids is when them the Cub Scout and the Den Leader which is their parent is when we have an activity at the end of the meeting. I jus
  8. So we're about to go into our 4th meeting and it seems to be almost impossible to continue doing this. We only have 6 Cub Scouts total 2 tigers, 1 wolf, 2 bears and 1weblos. One of the families has 1 of the tigers and 1 of the bears so when they miss which is often that only leaves one kid in each of the ranks and to top it off the dad is suppose to be our acting weblos leader. One of the whole main reasons for doing is to have your child in a group of kids his own age to experience things. So I don't feel that my son and the others kids are getting the full Cub Scout experience from this. Wit
  9. Let me ask everyone about Scouting software. I have heard a lo about different software to help you keep up with everything from bookkeeping to advancement for the kids. Is there a preferred software for Cub Scouts?
  10. Thanks SSScout, that was a lot of helpful information. Even though I'm technically the Cub Master in the councils eyes I will be stepping in as one of the Den Leaders. So I got the three other parents with kids that are in various ranks to agree to be Den Leaders. That was my biggest fear for some reason. I think I will ask the school that chartered us to purchase an American Flag and a Pack Flag for us. My district does have a round table to meeting the second Thursday of each month so I'm really looking forward to going to the one coming up. About the yearly dues, how do you figure what new
  11. We started a new pack because the one that was in our town was not around anymore and the other one that was about 10 miles away is not an active pack from what I understand. What I mean as active is doing other things other than just meeting once a week. Now there is a much bigger Pack that is about 15 miles away but I wanted to at least try and do something for the kids in our area that I know wouldn't travel that far for a Cub Scout Pack.
  12. KDD, when we went to sign up night we only had 5 kids there which is the minimum for a new start up along with 5 volunteers. None of the volunteers knew that they would have to be paying to volunteer. The whole issue with this is that it didn't get brought to our attention by the DE until about 3 weeks after everyone had signed up and went and spent money buying uniforms and all. So far everyone in the pack is out between a few hundred to several hundred dollars since every family has at least one Cub Scout and one Leader. My family had to sign up two adult Leaders and one of the other familie
  13. Ya, right out of the gate our District Executive forgot at sign-up night that since we were a new Pack he was suppose to collect at least 6 months dues from everyone instead of the standard prorate so because we signed up in October he only collected $6 for the registration from each person. When I confronted some of the other parents about the DE wanting some more money from each of us they started talking about how much they were already in money wise so the DE said he would pay the difference since it was he's screw up. You would think that if local councils would have some sort of account
  14. As I've mentioned before I'm new to the whole Cub Scout world and we just started a new Pack on top of that. When we started the Pack I knew we would have to have at least 5 volunteers signup a long with the boys that signed up. I however didn't know that the volunteers had to pay registrations fees as well. We only had 5 kids at signup so all of the adults but one had to signup as volunteers to start the pack. I signed up for the Cubmaster spot with on guy signing up for Den Leader and the others signing up for Committee spots. I myself have gotten the boys through the Bobcat rank and now I'm
  15. The whole purpose of this facebook page is going to be really a recruiting tool to post pictures of our activities we do. I would not be using it as a means if communication to remind people of events.
  16. Our Pack is having it's first overnight camp out coming up and I wanted to get some suggestions on some tried and true dinner and breakfast ideas that both Cub Scouts and Adults seem to like.
  17. I'm wanting to setup a Facebook page for our new Cub Scout Pack and wanted to get some input on it. Is there a way to setup the page up without it having to be created under my personal facebook account? The reasoning behind this is when my son is out of this Pack in 3 years I want someone else to be in charge of it as I will be moving up to Boy Scouts with my son.
  18. Stosh, Thanks for all that input. Sounds like you've been doing this for awhile. There is a Boy Scout Troop about 20 minutes away in another town so I'll check with them. Thanks a lot everyone for all this great advice. I will definitely be on here a lot.
  19. My district does have Roundtable Meetings so I'm certainly going to the next one. So the group that chartered us is 501©(3) so if someone wanted to donate money or anything else for that matter to the unit who would it have to go through? The chartered organization or the Pack? Also, how would you go about setting up an account at a local bank for the Pack since it shouldn't be in any one persons name?
  20. jblake47, I was really excited when we had our original 5 sign-up the night we had the start-up. The thing I'm trying to figure out now is how to get these boys advancement in a timely manner. When we started this I got handed the Cubmaster position with one of the other adults being listed as a Den Leader and all the others got signed-up as committee members. We have 2 Tiger Cubs, 1 Wolf Cub & 2 Bear Cubs. Now I'm trying to figure out how am I suppose to hold one weekly meeting centered around these 5 boys and lead them in the right direction for their specific rank. Oh, the joys of a n
  21. scoutegripper, Thanks for the idea of the one-time larger donation for the founders. I was wondering what were the rules for asking for donations outside of the pack? Also, is it possible for the pack to get a 501(3)c non-profit organization status with the IRS so people that donate money could claim it on their taxes?
  22. Thanks, dcsimmons. Like I said earlier this is a new start up pack and everything is coming at us 100 mph. Trying to get the boys to buy their uniforms, getting them to show up and getting enough volunteers for everything. I know it will all come together in the end but getting a new pack up and running is a lot of work.
  23. Thank you! The popcorn hasn't been to bad for us but being kind of a rural community the whole door to door is kind of out of the question for us as well. I'm hoping the Camp Card will really bring in some money. Do you have the boys in your pack pay dues and if so how much?
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