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  1. Thank you for all the advice. I was hoping I would feel better about the situation in the morning, but I don't. I've been leading most of these boys for such a long time and they are like a part of my family. I made the decision to stay a leader after a similar incident with this man at resident camp this summer because I was told one of my scouts would leave if I left. I stuck around because I think scouting can make such an important impact on the scout's lives. Now, if I leave I am worried that my son would suffer if we changed packs. He would have to make up what the other pack did t
  2. Hi, I am currently a Webelos I leader in northern Ohio. I've been a leader since my son was a Tiger. Tonight I encountered a situation that really made me think. Does the BSA have a policy regarding combative parents? I've read tons of materials on how to keep the boys safe, but I don't remember coming across anything on how to keep a den leader safe from a parent. Tonight one of my parents sat up in his chair to intimidate me and yelled in my face simply because I corrected him on one minor detail. This is a very large man and I did not appreciate the way he acted towards me at all, let
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