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  1. Enjoy your time with your son and make it fun!!
  2. Sidney- I thought at last year that I had a replacement (an Eagle scout) however I was told at our B&G that due to his work schedule he is not willing/able to take on more pack responsibilites other than be the den leader for his son's den. I hadn't expected that so over the summer I'm been trying to get more people involved but it's been really difficult. I like the idea of CNY and will consider doing that for some of the activities. My concern with doing that is what happens if no one picks up and helps? Then my son's last year is a let down!
  3. Thank you everyone for the great guidance. I think I just needed a little time to vent and also get some guideance. I plan on hanging around until the cross over then it will be someone elses turn.
  4. Jason- In 2011 we had 15, 2012 we dropped down to 8 then I did massive recruitment for last year and we went to 29 then year we have 27 registered and are still working.
  5. Since the 2011 school year, I have been either the assistant or cub master, treasure, pack committee chair, secretary, advancement chair, public relations chair, outdoor activities chair and the member and recharter chair. Needless to say I have been a bit over worked and now looking for some additional assistance. I have been trying to work with our council to try and get some help for when my son crosses over (this year). At our first meeting of the year the council advised people that as of March I'm done and encouraged people to step up and help. We were able to get two people to sign up
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