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  1. I will add my two cents because at this time we have a boy in our troop who has started working on his Eagle and I am not confident that he truly did the work on the merit badges and not his mother. Not being in a position of ultimate authority I do not have the right to deny anything to this scout all I can do is express my reservations. If I am following the threads correctly your son will at most have taken 3 or 4 MB from you, I would not see that as excessive in any way.
  2. The mentor pin (I hope to be lucky enough to get one someday) is a badge of honor, wear it with pride, the UPs be damned. Or better yet, construct a neckerchief slide that the mentor pin can be attached to, then see what they say!
  3. Personally as I type this I am having a kilt custom made to wear at my wood badge beading ceremony, in the Maclaren tartan, the unofficial tartan of Boy Scouts. It is official for wood badge not scouting in general. I have to wonder that if the people posting negative comments on this page have the same feeling about scouts showing up in sports shorts, sweat pants, camo pants, jeans, ............. Every time my troop has an event ( I am ASM ) we say no sports pants and yet there they are. We even are lenient and say at least tan cargo shorts but the sports pants and shorts always appear. K
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