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  1. Lol SSScout, that's a pretty good analogy. On a more serious note, we are starting to come to the same conclusion. I just wish they would save us the trouble of trying if that is the case. I agree that surely there is something involved that we have not been told about. We'll continue trying to get to them before we give up. Thanks again! Jo
  2. jblake47, this is exactly the type of relationship we want with our CO. Again, first we have to be able to talk with them to be able to move forward. For Scout Sunday, we wanted to hopefully arrange something with them so our scouts could take part in their service but again, never got a call back. None of our leaders or parents go to this church and I am sorry but me and my family love our church home. I don't think we should have to change churches (and religions) in order to make a relationship with the CO. This does bring up another option that was brought up to me recently. My church
  3. Sidney Porter, it is not about shaming the church. People say things when they are frustrated, it's how we deal with things. I shouldn't have made the comment and I apologize for it. I am not perfect and I make mistakes. Trust me, I am fully aware of it being a "two-way street" but if we're the only ones driving on it, what does it matter? Perhaps I should elaborate on all of the ways that we have tried to communicate with the church so that you and others can fully understand the situation and give us your best advice. We call the church almost every week. We speak with the secretar
  4. SSScout, I LOVE the idea of showing up in church! I attend a different church so I didn't even think of that but it sure would force the pastor to give us some attention, wouldn't it? It would also make the church look pretty bad when some of it's regular members were curious about us then find out that the church is our Charter Organization. We don't care if we have a key, if someone reliable would let us in at a respectable time and let us leave at a respectable time AND be reliable about it. Problem is, since there are NO church members currently in the Cub Scouts, they don't want to give
  5. Thanks for the help! I will definitely look further into this!
  6. Hi. I am in a pack where the Charter Organization used to be extremely active. In the past few years, they no longer are. To give you an idea, I am pretty sure it is the largest church in our area with the biggest youth group and not a single youth is in Cub Scouts as far as I know. Our den and pack meetings are every Monday from 6:00-7:00. There is only ONE key holder for the church and he either shows up right at 6:00 or a few minutes before and we are still expected to be finished and cleaned up by 7:00. This is not fair to the boys or the adults involved. We asked the local council i
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