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  1. WOW!!! I have received a TON of assistance with members of this site to help obtain copies of my son's merit badge work from the Jambo. I am still missing one key piece of information. However, I had to post this bit of info. In todays snail mail I received the original white sheet from his Soil and Water councellor! I am not sure if this is the procedure for all to follow but I am so impressed! How wonderful! There is hope for others missing there sheets!!
  2. CHRIS- I am hoping you might get this reply to your e-mail. I made several attempts to respond and it came back undeliverable. you had asked where he was on the Jambo site...he was in subcamp 2- northeast region. However, my son said that there was only one MB midway. I sure hope that we can get a copy of this form. Thanks for your reply~ Laura
  3. I have posted requests for help in tracking down information on merit badge work from Jambo. My son is missing the yellow on Citizen of the Nation....almost complete! He did not get back to the midway in time to write his letter. I am hoping his work will not be for naught. Another member suggested trying to locate a counselor to see if they might be able to help...so here goes....HELP! LOL Laura
  4. Since the return of his trunk we have recovered one more yellow. The only paper he is missing now is for Citizen of the Nation. He completed all except for the final requirement of sending a letter to his senator. He did not get MB midway in time, when he arrived the rest of the group had already started with their letters. So it is almost complete. I have tried e-mailing my local council twice and have not even received and acknowledgement that they received my e-mail.
  5. No hurling. They had a few clinics to spark some interest, but I don't think there was enough boys to start a team. My son has a great smile...I'd like him to keep his teeth. LOL All kidding aside, he watched the clinic from the sidelines and I think he would haunt me to play if they got enough players for a team. His football team won the under 12 division in our area of New York. Lots of fun!
  6. Eamonn- thanks for your reply. I just received word that my son's SM did not have the same system. Seems like you guys put alot of thought into keeping things organized. Well done! I will not feel good about this until I hear from someone that copies can be obtained. My son left for San Fransisco for Gaelic Football Tournament the morning after he returned. I would hate to have to tell him this when he gets back.
  7. My son returned home yesterday without the yellow copies of his merit badge work from the Jambo. He was told that the information on his badge work was entered into a computer and forwarded to his scout master. Irresponsible...yes. But he is only 12 and I am cutting him a little slack and I feel very bad. Does anyone know the procedure on this? Does he need them? Someone must get the originals, do you think we can get copies? Thanks in advance for any information.
  8. "ASM1, I'm sorry to say that I had a big problem with visitors at the Jamboree. I wish in all future Jamborees that the BSA would either charge an admittance fee or not allow visitors. Why for the arena show, with 75,000 in attendance, should the Scouts and their leaders who paid to attend (under 45,000) have to sit in the back? Every Jamboree the BSA states that the participants have priority over visitors but it does not occur. Our boys had to wait hours in line for scuba, exhibits, action centers, etc. due to long lines - many containing visiting Scouts. The BSA needs to correct this proble
  9. That really stinks. My son would have been devistated. Just to let you know that there is good in the world. He told me that at the lost and found there were two bags of patches to be claimed. A small silver lining on that dark black cloud
  10. WOW. I was so moved by the comments made on this subject that I felt compelled to join the site so I can put my two cents in. I visited my son and his troop in subcamp 2 on Wednesday. I had every intention to stay the day, see the activities and see the show that was to include the president. I made it from the parking lot to the subcamp, from the subcamp to the arena, past the arena straight back into the parking lot since I could not bear the wait in the 100+ temperatures. I am one of the out of shape visitors, although I made it thru the hike, it was not an easy task. I need to tell of some
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