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  1. All but a few of the boys are in 5th grade this year (2013-2014 school year). This den crosses over in December and so yes they will be WEBELOS for the summer and 4 months into 6th grade. The pack says they have until they turn 11 (give or take) before they have to move up to Boy Scouts. Crossing over does not involve any Boy Scout troop, nor are they at the ceremony. The pack moves up all the boys in February (at Blue and Gold) and they begin working on the next rank's requirements. The den leader will not accept any work done outside of the meetings and has turned the WEBELOS over to th
  2. This is what has been happening all year. He's not ready to go to sleep away camp. The den leader said these will not be covered except during the camp. Even if I could afford the $100+ dollars to send him to camp it would be a fight to get him to go. Since all the other boys are going by age rather than grade (most are in 5th grade this year and nearing 11) my son wants to hang back and not cross over until next spring when he finishes 5th grade but the den leader said he couldn't do that. He has to cross over with the rest of the boys or sit out of scouts until he turns 11. He has had
  3. While I agree that the boy is a "wimp" in most senses of the term, he is 9 years old at the moment. He has attended all outdoors activities the den offered and participated (he was one of the few able to start a fire with just his knife and magnesium) and is often the "checklist manager" for the boys (not to mention cook). His fellow scouts knows he just doesn't like to be away from home but he does his best to help others. There is also a big difference between 9 and 11 generally speaking. As a parent, I do not attend his outdoor activities because that is HIS time to grow and build self
  4. I have a few questions (both as a parent and as a soon-to-be den leader): Parent question: What can be done to help a boy earn his Outdoorsman and Readyman badges for his AOL when he does not want to camp away from home? He is the youngest in the den and just does not want to camp away from home yet. As a family they camp in the yard, have a campfire, look at the stars, etc.. His den requires that these two badges be earned at summer camp (overnight) as well as the Aquanaut badge. The den leaders will also not accept any camping experience not done with the den. The leaders say that th
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