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  1. dedkad, the troop was not created by these individuals. For whatever reason, the CO was changed in 2008. fred johnson, thank you very much for this sage advice. After all, the worst thing that can happen is that the CC fires me for doing the right thing. Then I will know that is is definitely time to move (with my two sons) to another troop or start a new one.
  2. Thanks very much for many great suggestions. I'll give the CC a chance to resign (She has said she wants to, but....) and move the troop to a different CO. Short of that, I can't accept the liability of the current situation. Hueymungus, yes, the COR is basically "Two Parents of a Kid who used to be in the Troop". jpstodwftexas, I want my Eagle Scouts who are staying with the troop to be able to sign off on basic rank requirements through First Class, not SM reviews or BORs. I know in many established troops it is quite common for the boys in leadership positions to sign off on other boy'
  3. Thanks. I just discovered that the head of the CO can be the CC, so it's a no-win battle. I believe that most of the adult leaders would head to a new troop. Many of the drop-off parents are unaware of what is happening, but since our last SM resigned recently they would certainly start hearing some alarm bells. The straw that broke the last SM's back was when the CC would not let him allow an Eagle Scout to sign off on boy's requirements. She said it wasn't troop policy. While the prior SM and I strongly support boy-led, the CC is so committed to boy-led that adult guidance is virtually nil
  4. This is a tough situation. The chartered organization for our Boy Scout troop is a 501-C3 (not-for-profit) organization that was started by our committee chair and her husband who is one of our assistant scoutmasters. Both are the only two members of the chartered organization. Together they are creating a lot of troop "policies" that override BSA policies. Additionally it seems that they did not keep up with their 501-C3 registration so the organization no longer really exists in the eyes of the state. We are beginning to lose members who are fed up with what seems to be a situation in whic
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