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  1. We have a scout who has done ordeal over a year ago, and now going for Brotherhood. He has Learning disabilities and memorization is an issue. So his recall of the song and such by his self would be rough. How can we help him do his ceremony without being singled out and help him with this issue? Our Pow wow is this month, so time is an issue as well. Thanks.
  2. Does anyone already done a space themed day camp for cub scouts as a program director? I was just "hogtied" into doing day camp and have nothing to work with. Camp school training was a bust. I want to incorporate at least a third of the activities that are rank and/or belt loop pin based. Send me anything and I can tweak and work with. I have to have a rough draft by Mid April so I am desperate. Thanks. mcdshistorian@yahoo.com Subject: Day camp
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