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  1. http://www.scouting.org/Home/HealthandSafety/Alerts/flamingneckerchief.aspx this might be what you are looking for.
  2. I know I have the terminology messed up in the first post and that is my fault (I do know the difference) it just as a pack we use the terms interchangeably (which I'm trying to change). See one of my other posts concerning the way this pack handles awarding patches during B&G (which I am also trying to change) I know if were we doing things the right way this would not be as big of an issue.
  3. ScoutNut, Thanks for the input. First, I do believe the Tiger den leader "Did His Best". he scheduled a tour of a real working newspaper printer. However, he was unable to get a date before B&G. I do not think taking the scouts to "Kinkos" would at all be "Doing your Best". That sound more like meeting the letter of the requirement and not truly giving the scouts something they will remember. I fully support this leader in his effort to create meaningful Go-See-Its for his den and a great program. Instead of watching baseball on TV he arranged for them to go to a real baseball game and run the bases after the game was over. Which one do you think is "Doing your Best"? should his den be punished because they didn't take the easy way out?
  4. dedkad, Just to be clear, this is not a situation where they skipped the requirement completely. And the developmental issues you are referring to are covered in a different section then "Do your best". I don't know where you got the part about skipping requirements from (I never said they skipped them). I also know that our pack does not do it "right" by having everyone earn their badge during Blue and Gold but that's the way it is until I can get more of the council to want to change it.
  5. AK, Like I said, I completely agree with the scouts earning their rank badge as soon as they earn it. However, in this pack they make everyone wait till B&G to receive their patch. So we have a situation where the "whole" pack minus the tigers are going to receive their rank. We also do not do anything special in the pack meetings rank badges. Again I wish we did ranks in pack meetings as soon as they earn them. I also have the Webelos II leader saying the reason she doesn't want the tigers to earn their rank is "BSA policy" (but she can't point me to a specific reference). Once I found the above it seem obvious that BSA policy is to let them earn their rank badges with the rest of the pack. I will look into the scarf ceremony you mentioned. Its sound really cool and I love cool ceremonies.
  6. thanks for the link the advancement guide. this is also in the guide concerning cub scouts. ~~ “Do Your Best†Cub Scoutsâ€â€even those of the same ageâ€â€may have very different developmental timetables. For this reason, advancement performance in Cub Scouting is centered on its motto: “Do Your Best.†When a boy has done thisâ€â€his very bestâ€â€then regardless of the requirements for any rank or award, it is enough; accomplishment is noted. This is why den leaders, assistants, and parents or guardians are involved in approvals. Generally they know if effort put forth is really the Cub Scout’s best. As far as B&G being used to award all ranks their patches, I completely agree they should be separate. However, this is how our pack has always done it and I'm not likely to change that tradition quickly.
  7. We are having our annual crossover (B&G) next weekend and the Webelos II Den Leader who is running it wants to prevent the Tigers (whole den) from crossing over (receiving their Tiger Badge). Our Tiger den leader has completed everything except for the "How I tell it" Go See It. He has scheduled a tour of a newspaper office but they could not schedule the tour until after the blue and gold. Because of this the Webelos II Den leader is stating that the while tiger den can not advance. I have read the Den Leader book and the tiger handbook and can't find anything to support this view. Can anyone provide any insight as to what should be done.
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