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  1. Scoutnut - "With a counselor's, and a parent's approval". As a counselor you would have been within the rules to withhold your approval for email interviews." Can you point me to these rules?
  2. With ScoutNut 100% on this one. In addition to his comments, what does the boy's patrol have to do with his MB? MBs are an individual pursuit. It's one thing if the Scout wants to ask his patrol to help him by foregoing the gear, it's another for you to dictate it. The broader issue here is that MBs should not be interwoven into the troop program. You can, and I think should, keep MB opportunities in mind, but troop meetings and campouts are not merit badge school. Your dual roles, SM and MB Counselor, will recreate this sticky situation over and over again. Now that you've se
  3. Sorry, I wasn't very clear with the email interview comment. For Cit Community req 4B , this Scout insisted on doing a email interview rather then face to face or telephone interview. Always seems like he is trying to bend or cut corners.
  4. Hello, I'm a SM and Camping MBC for a relatively new troop. We worked on the camping MB last year as a troop and capped it off with a weekend backcountry backpacking trip. We brought in our own water and had to treat some too. Hiked over six miles and the scouts packed in their food, and patrol equipment. All meals were trail meals cooked with backpacking stoves. We had several scouts complete the MB that weekend. We encouraged all of our Scouts to go but we had one scout that didn't go because he doesn't like to rough it. He is a member of the PLC and voted down a backpacking trip
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