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    Life long in Scouting. Earned Arrow-of-Light in 1965 and Eagle Scout in 1972. Completed wood Badge in 1977 and participated in three council run International Camporees as a staff person. It was at the 1982 International event where I met GreenBar Bill. I wished I had spent more time with him as we discussed the state of Scouting and his vision. Currently hold a troop Committee Chair position, promoting Scouting in the quality as Bill, BP, and others intended. I have a son in the program which keeps me motivated.
  1. Thanks all you have confirmed my understanding as it is an interpretation. The real objective is monthly outdoor activities with a minimum of 10 days of overnight camping. I will pass along the different suggestions here. they all are good. Thanks and have a good day all.
  2. It is in reference to the bullet responsibilities in the troop committee guidebook
  3. With all the changes in the program, can someone tell me what the 10 outdoor nights in an annual program means? Does the weeklog summer camp count towards it?
  4. Actually, I am appalled at the attitude of adult leaders when it comes to the value of the uniform. Just go out there and read the excerpts from Scouting and our founder Lord Baden-Powell regarding the purpose the uniform serves to the program and the community. While returning from our Scout Camp, we happened upon and accident. When we stepped in to help I heard someone say thank God some Scouts are here. The uniform symbolizes a purpose and expectation which brings peace of mind, comfort and fellowship to the community. Like the purpose of the neckerchief. I have witnessed or been part
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