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  1. Thank you AnneinMpls. Im looking forward to a wonderful year and thank you so much for all your pointers you gave me. Any ideas on crafts, activities, etc would be greatly appreciated! I attended my first SU meeting on Sunday and it was great. It was so full of information. Do you have any suggestions on making a special Investiture/Rededication ceremony? I have ideas but will consider any that are given to me. Thank you so much!
  2. No OldGreyEagle I have never been to either. Some of the girls from last year went to MoseyWood I believe. Your from Bethlehem? Thats very close to me...What a coincidence.
  3. My name is Debra. I am going into my first year as a leader for my daughters Brownie Troop. We live in Pennsylvania (The Poconos) and am part of Penns Woods Council. This is the second year for this troop so we are all pretty new to this council. I have five daughters, three of which are involved in scouting in my troop as Brownies. I have been involved in Girl Scouts for 6 years with my daughter since she was in Daisy's. I was co-leader for her daisy troop then. Last year I was co-leader and also Troop Cookie Manager for our troop. This year I have taken over the leadership position.
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