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  1. From: Starting and Sustaining high-performing Quality Units http://www.scouting.org/filestore/membership/pdf/522-025_WB.pdf "While organizing and running the recruitment effort is the membership committee’s responsibility, the NUC (New Unit Commissioner) will support the idea that at least 10 youth and five adults are recruited for membership in the unit." Qwazse is correct - it isn't a requirement, but is a recommended number. We had fewer than 10 when we started, yet 10 was the goal. I don't know that I would have wanted to start with more than that, just because of the
  2. So we have held the first two meetings, mostly as written. I only changed out some Skill instruction for areas where we are weak. I've already seen a big difference in our meetings. In a couple of meetings that they over estimated how long things would take they pulled items from our training meeting such as the Buddy Slings. One thing I personally have gained a better respect for is their need to be able to visualize or pull on a previous experience to copy or emulate in order to do it on their own. ​After watching their reaction to the Hand Slap or Indian Leg Wrestling ga
  3. I have contemplated requiring the PL or APL to be present or the whole patrol doesn't go. At the same time I want to see how the Boys respond to their leaders when they don't show up. During our last election one of the Scouts who was running was asked if he was going to start showing up more on outings if he was elected. In some ways I can see that rule having more of an impact on the parents not adjusting their son's priority elsewhere. As well as helping them understand the importance of the PL/APL
  4. I wouldn't consider any of them to be, except for a recent older Scout how transferred in who clearly understands the leadership roles and specifically joined us as he thought he could provide us the most help of the units he was looking at. We are 16 months old. 1-16 year old. 3-13 year olds the rest under 13; I'm most proud of the fact we have had 100% retention so far with really only 1 Scout that lacks regular participation. The 16 year old and a 12 year old are brand new transfers (within the last month). They also come from troops on the opposite end of the boy/adult led sp
  5. Thanks - I will try it as listed. When our troop started I did use the 3rd edition SM handbook for the first 4 weeks pretty much as it suggested, and quickly took a hold of the camping at a distance, despite all the fears I heard from parents that first weekend. I feel both of those items worked very well. That said I did fail to train the Scouts on how to lead, I was too afraid of becoming Webelos III and relied only on "Coach 'em, Trust 'em, Let 'em Lead." As a new leader it was difficult to recognize the differences between Training and doing for them as training was often tho
  6. I wasn’t specifically using that approach but reading it closer I see the approach I was taking was still too close to the modern style and except for the campout was not a hands on situational training. i.e. Rethinking it a bit…I will likely do an initial training session where we meet and do a high level overview/discussion from the older Patrol Leader Handbook (i.e. job descriptions, handling different types of boys, planning a meeting, hike/campout). Then do the monthly "Intensive Training's" at what is currently our second PLC planning meeting of the month. We have a
  7. Thanks, I have seen that list but was looking for Hillcourt's material specifically. I've been building some of our training around his books and wanted them to have a copy for later reference.
  8. Due to copyrights I doubt there are any but wanted to check anyhow. Does anyone know where I can find a copy of soft copy or any reprints of a 1940's or 1950's Hillcourt Patrol Leaders Handbook. I am looking to provide copies for my Patrol Leaders on an ongoing basis so I am looking for options that they can abuse as opposed to obtaining versions that are 60 years old for them to use.
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