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    Went through the scouting program as a boy many years ago. Worked for my Eagle and was honored to be initiated Brotherhood OA Sippo Lodge 377. Now my young son is starting his Scouting walk in Cubs, and I am here to help.
  1. Hello Seasoned Scouters, I am a Den leader in a larger pack (we have 6 or so dens with near 50 boys). Many of our previous Cubs matriculated into local troops and want to give back to their "Cub Community" helping out as Den Chiefs. One local pack has several of our boys who have reached first class and would like to serve as Den Chiefs to gain credit towards Star. Unfortunately the SPL (and I am assuming SM) is telling us that a PACK can only have one "official" Den Chief who gets credit and the rest could do it but would receive no credit for their service. My question is
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