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  1. It sadden me to see greed of "Professional Scouter" to overide the good for the youth in the program. The camp was clearly given to the local scouts & district, not the council. It has been them that have maintained itsince it's creation. It has been much inprove through local donations & the labor of local leaders & volunteers. I spent many hours working at the camp, greating off island troops to the camp & helping make their visits enjoyable to the best of my abilities. Lindy Lindstrom would be rolling over in his grave if he knew what was going on. Sadly this is not the first time I have seen a Council Executive try to pad his resume. When I was a Lodge Chief for my local OA chapter we agreed to provide labor in a food shack for a Counsel Camporee. It was agreed we would split the profits. The manager invited me & a fw other to join his troop the following week on a deep sea fishing trip. He had figured out expenses & told me what our cut would be. I was standing next to him when a few minutes later the District & Council Exec showed up & he repeated the same figures. Next day I get a call from the Lodge Advisor saying we made an amount over $100 shy of what I was told. He first response was maybe the Exec got the wrong numbers. When I explained I was standing right next to him when he got the figures. He decided to check into it. A short time later he called back & informed me the Lodge had helped purchase a new popcorn machine for the summer camp & that's why our cut was off. I was glad I moved soon there after & didn't have to deal with him. I had a problem working with somebody I don't consider trustworthy. Yet he managed to get promoted a few years later because he built a new Council office.