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  1. It is hardly an example of Scouting's values to sell this land, which was protected by a specific easement causing it to revert to its original owner if the land was ever not used for Scouting. Unfortunately that easement was not renewed as it should have been, back in 1991. So there's clear evidence that the land was intended for Scout use. Plus, dealing in the land behind the backs of the local Scout leaders is underhanded and dishonorable. And the tax records of the Cape Scouts aren't clear about why they needed to spend $400,000 or more; $300,000 over the amount they pay their Executive Director--who's getting paid? Many people think there's something fishy about the entire deal. The price is way too low. Here's one local essayist's take on it: http://www.nantucketchronicle.com/columns/bob-barsanti/lickspittle-boy-scout-leaders