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  1. Just my Webelos and I are going. My greatest worry is that he may get a little bored. The patrol he's in now is very active and we do a lot of activities together, similar to what they offer at the camp. Plus, its just he and I from our patrol that are able to go. We are going to head in with a positive attitude make the best memories we can.
  2. Hello to all, I'm a proud dad of two scouters, one Webelos II and the other a Bear. Just looking for info useful information in general. My Webelos son and I have an adventure camp coming up in two weeks at Scoutland on Lake Lanier in Hall County, GA. Never been to a BSA facility for extended camping, hoping its a great time for us both. Again, hello, and glad to be here.
  3. My son and I will be attending Scoutland adventure camp at Lake Lanier, in Gainesville GA in a couple of weeks. We are going as a parent/son team. Can anyone offer any reviews, suggestions, or anything that may help us prepare. We've signed up for the Outback adventure as well. Never attended any type of camp at a BSA property such as this, but have been camping many times on our own. Thanks everyone,
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