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  1. We attended Webelos Resident Camp and I am butting heads with our leader over Aquanaut. My son has Asperger's and is legitimately, genuinely afraid of the water. I am trying to help him by figuring out ways to accomplish this. We are not babying this child. He will have to accomplish his goals. We are not the parents who are "in denial" of our son's special needs. We know all too well and we are finding out as we go along what his anxieties are. It is a learning process. I was trying to talk to his leader and explain this, and see what we could do, and he cut me offend told me I just needed to read the handbook. Over and over. I wasn't ignorant of the requirements, I was trying to help figure out accomodations. My plan now is to talk with the cub master since we seem to be getting no where with the leader. My heart is just breaking for my boy. We are trying.
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