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  1. Chris Bostic

    Hol-Ry! from St. Louis

    Thanks, Scouter99. King, that's a funny one. Sounds like something my old pack might have done. We're a troop now. Every campout is Friday night to Sunday morning. Good luck finding a place.
  2. Chris Bostic

    Hol-Ry! from St. Louis

    We're out in St. Charles County. There are at least two excellent parks here for campouts. I'd try for the special group camp area at Indian Camp Creek Park. It's up Hwy 61 close to Troy. Popular, so it could be busy. Another County Park is Klondike. It's between Defiance and Augusta on Hwy 94. Lastly, you could try Cuivre River State Park up at Troy. We been to all three, more than once, and liked every one.
  3. Chris Bostic

    Hol-Ry! from St. Louis

    Greetings from St. Louis. Curious to see how many Northern Tier veterans we have here. It's a trip of a lifetime. About me...hmm, I'm not one to talk about myself much. Basically I'm a Committee Chairman type. Four years at a Pack, three years and counting at a Troop. Lover of the outdoors. Always happy to help if I can. Nice to meet you all.