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  1. I'm a librarian and we use Scotch book tape to reinforce paperback books that get checked out. I'd recommend getting some and using it as a way to laminate your covers and spines. The non spiral books are easier to repair. We're in Cubs so we use the spirals as they only need to last nine months or so.
  2. The book we're using is from 2010. http://www.uuscouters.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/UUSO-ReligionAndMeGuidebook_2010-05.pdf
  3. My son and I have been working for months on the UU Religion and Me award and we're about to start Religion and Family. I contacted PrayPub and they still have the awards. I read in another thread that these are not valid any more by BSA because of the problems between the UU church and BSA. But I thought that had been resolved. Our pack leadership says they are happy to have us regardless of religious beliefs and they were not aware of these issues. Does anyone know for sure if the UU awards are accepted by BSA? I must say it really stinks to have to be concerned about this. Thanks.
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