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  1. YES!! Salute the flag! BUT HAS ANYONE HEARD OF placing your hand across your heart and instead of a "flat palm" like we are all used to......having your hand flat across your chest with the "scout sign". SUPPOSEDLY.....it is somewhere is very, very old Scout books of which I have none. I was just trying to find if this has been "historically" true in the very early, early years of Scouting. Linda aka The British Broad Tecusmeh, Ks.
  2. A Scouter friend has told me that previous editions of the Cub Scout handbook have stated that Cubs Scouts and Boy Scouts in uniform salute the flag with the appropriate salute. When not in uniform Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts salute by placing their right hand over their heart with the Scout salute. I am interested in whether this is true and if so what was the last edition of the handbook that stated these instructions. Thanks, Linda Tecumseh, Kansas
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