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  1. Well, the PLC hasn't discussed it. I don't even think they think it is an issue on the table for them. As far as the adult leadership, I am one of them. Most of the committee and scoutmasters are observant, with the exception of the Scoutmaster. I am asking about how to handle it. I think with the program change it is going to become more of an issue.
  2. My troop is chartered by the "Parents Troop XX," and we do not have a Chaplain. In addition we have a number of the troop who are not churched, including the scoutmaster, who is born and raised in China, not churched. The SPL is his son. We are in the Northeast as well, a large mission field. At the most recent program launch, it was discussed that the Duty to God will be part of Scout Spirit, which in our troop at least is decided by the scoutmaster. How is this going to be evaluated? For our eagles who do not attend a church (and I used this generically all through to mean religi
  3. I am the advancement chair, and my husband the committee chair for our BSA troop. We have 3 sons, the youngest are both Life Scouts. I am also somewhat of a tomboy, and like to camp. I am not a scoutmaster because I want to be able to run the advancement stuff. I think there are benefits of single sex, and I see it all the time on campouts. It isn't actually that the boys are more free to be boys (loud, active etc). It's that they are more free to be kind, affectionate etc. When girls are around, they feel they have to act very manly, and it eliminates the display of the close friendshi
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