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  1. Troop 50 Tomfoolery at Pound Ridge NY, 1969 There is no age that seems to exhibit the epitome of thorough and unmitigated tomfoolery than that of the junior high school aged boy. His age, around eleven or twelve is precisely the age where he is allowed and even encouraged to sign up in the local scout troop. If it weren't for the older scouts who kept the silly tomfoolery of the younger ones to a manageable level through the use of the evil eye, cutting remarks, condescension, pranks and beatings, Boy Scouting would simply be just another vehicle for well meaning dads to put a proverbi
  2. Camp Toquam Stories were passed on down to us that more often than not, piqued our interest. Vague names became legends in our minds. A station wagon would pull up in front of a neighbor's house and out would pop somebody's father who would take an overstuffed canvas knapsack from the back of a red faced boy struggling under its weight and toss it into the back of a vehicle. Off they would go for the weekend. Well, whether you knew it or not, we were in the background, watching un-noticed. Those on the outside looking in could never understand it. In junior high, some kids judg
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