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  1. The scope of the project was not defined as an inside/outside job, only that chinking would be done to improve the look of the cabin, protect from water damage and keep it contained against insects and animals. Doing the outside accomplished his scope. The beneficiary had no supplies as originally thought, so fundraising had to occur to make the project happen in the first place. The hands on work was about approximately a 2-3 day process-with removal of the old chinking, gathering supplies and getting them set up, and a 7-8 hour day of actual chinking on the structure. The substantial hou
  2. Sorry-he is working toward his Eagle Scout--so this is his Eagle project
  3. So, I'm the parent of an Eagle Scout-he has worked incredibly hard on a project, with little to no guidance and therefore, has had to do a lot of problem solving on his own. He was doing log cabin chinking on a primitive structure for an Indian Village. The beneficiary had NO oversight on the day of and we waited and waited for them to come out and check the work. Finally, packed up all supplies--which was EXTENSIVE. A day later beneficiary is not satisfied with the work. He completed the exterior of the cabin chinking, but although they did not say, they want him to do the inside work as
  4. I don't know what happened-but we lost a bag that had 7 of our son's merit badges in them before they were able to be sewn to his sash. He still has the blue cards and I assume they have a record through BSA that this was awarded to him. How do you go about replacing a badge--and are they costly. I assume we would pay this out of pocket, although our troop usually covers these costs so I am not familiar.
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