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  1. My understanding is that in our troop only the SM, ASMs, and the JASMs can sign off on requirements. Since the JASM hasn't gone on any of the activities (he does regularly attend the meetings) since my son has joined, he has less of a relationship with him than he does with the SM and ASMs. With regards to only leaders signing off on requirements being indicative of a troop run by the troop method as opposed to the patrol method, I would say that our troop is a hybrid. We have strong patrol identies and use new scout patrols that stay together for the duration. On campouts, we use the troop method (one reason is because there is not enough equipment for each patrol). This appears to be changing to be more patrol method as the troop is going through significant growth. I would say that while we are hybrid when it comes to the patrol method, we are more boy led than leader led (though there could be improvements here too). After reading a thread about over zealous parents, I took a long hard look in the mirror to make sure that wasn't me. I do want my son to achieve first class so that he can start participating in some of the "high adventure" activities that are reserved for those of first class and above in our troop. Beyond that, it is entirely up to him to take the initiative as it comes to merit badges and advancement. Last night, I asked my son if one of his friends had a bike accident, would he know what to do. His answer was, depending on what was wrong, he felt that he could apply what he has learned. So clearly, he is ready to demonstrate his skills to the leaders to show what he has learned.
  2. My son crossed over last year. Our troop has an excellent new scout program with the founder of the troop taking the kids for two months to help get them integrated into the troop and to help them with their scout and tenderfoot advancements. With a lot (too much in my opinion) of prodding by me, he advanced to second class and has stalled there. He loves scouting especially the camping and activities. His doesn't even mind working on the requirements though he doesn't have the initiative for it that he did in the beginning. His real reluctance is with the Adult Association method. It's not that he isn't comfortable talking with adults, because he is. He has been "working" on his 1st class 1st aid requirements since October and each week on our way to a meeting I ask him if he is going to get them signed off and and he says yes. When I go to pick him up and ask if he got them signed off, he says "he didn't want to" or "he wants to work on them for one more week." Another example is that he received his Swimming Merit Badge at summer camp and has yet to get his "Safe Trip Afloat" requirement signed off. Yet another example is that his patrol had a patrol meeting and one of the ASM's was there to sign of requirements. The only requirement he wanted to get signed off was his "10 activities since joining the troop". I really want him to develop the initiative to advance without me taking him by the hand to an ASM (which I would never do). Any suggestions?
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