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  1. It's sad that good character is now associated with being homosexual, and:or accepting homosexuality. Openly homosexual individuals should no more be allowed in Scouting as leaders any more than individuals living together outside of marriage (I'm not talking about just roommates). Our society has been so inured to immoral behavior that anything is now accepted. Immoral behavior, even flagrant immoral behavior, is not only tolerated, but accepted as normal. Lying, cheating, infidelity, homosexuality, pornography, sex outside of marriage are all accepted now as okay or even normal. It's our right to do these things. Then, we have the audacity to tell our kids that sexting is bad, that they shouldn't be cheating on tests, they shouldn't spread falsehoods about other kids, they shouldn't bully others. They look at us and think "Who are you to tell me what is good or bad. I'll decide that just like you did". Good character used to mean moral behavior! And that morality was not decided by individuals or by groups pushing their agenda/s. It was not decided by decades of entertainment/news media pushing their lowest standards. It was based on standards that were in place from our beginnings as humans. Whether we like it or not, it has been a standard in place in the Bible and most every major religion in the world. Not so very long ago living together outside of marriage was not accepted as moral. Now it's normal and accepted. Not very long ago looking at porn, that demeans both men and women, was not accepted as moral. Now it's a matter of freedom of speech, and addiction is rampant. Not so very long ago sex between kids as young as 13 was not accepted. Now "teens will be teens". They're going to have sex, so let's just give then access to birth control, without parents consent or knowledge, up to and including killing their baby in the womb. Not so very long ago many, many behaviors, such as homosexuality, were not accepted as moral behavior. Now it's pretty much accepted by most because "that's the way they were born". (Which is not a scientific fact.) Right now, sex between a thirteen year old and an adult is not accepted, unless it's a woman and a boy. Soon, very soon, that will change and our society will say it's okay as long as the child consents. There are organizations already saying they are bring deprived of their rights by man boy love being illegal. Our society now says the individual should define what character/morality is to them. Situational ethics now rules. So very, very sad that now Boy Scouts of America are considering jumping on the bandwagon, because of financial and societal pressure. I guess Character no longer counts! The more we reject real GOOD/MORAL character, the quicker this country will decline. I will not be jumping on the Immorality Bandwagon!