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  1. ScoutNut, I appreciate your input. The link KDD provided is a washed down version of whats in the Cub Scout Leader Book. I may be reading more into this than needed, that is why I came to youall. What is the norm in most Packs? I want to be an active Cubmaster. I did not volunteer for the position, but it was not forced on me.
  2. Your definition of scouting program must be different than ours has more to do with scheduling. The Committee Chair is "in charge" of the Pack
  3. This would be great if someone else took on the other responsibilities. When I brought the subject up of who will handle the other responsibilities the answer was a question Why?
  4. Interacting with other Den leaders. When I mentioned monitoring the Den programs they got very defensive. Tracking the Pack activities and Scout participation. working with the Advancement chair to be certain Scouts are getting their recognition. I can keep going
  5. I am a new Cubmaster. I have been with the Pack for 2 years in a leadership role, in that time I have done my required training and then some, I also have done a quite a bit of research, learned a lot from you folks. Thank You. My issue, a Leader in the Pack who has crossed over to Boy Scouts was the Committee Chair and Advancement Chair for 5 years and had assumed a majority of the Cubmasters responsibilities, leaving the Cubmaster to run the Pack meeting and set up the Packs Scouting program, with his approval of course. Now he is gone and I am the second Cubmaster since his crossing. Our Co
  6. The Summer Time Awards has no bearing on rank advancement. Whatever your Pack wants to base it on. just be consistant Since we haven't recruited in the Spring, most of our Scouts signed on in the fall, we award them at the previous rank going into the Summer
  7. KDD, I took the LOE at Beaumont a couple of years ago and we had a lot of fun, at 20 bucks it's not a bank breaker.
  8. We do a Fall and Spring Pack campout. I had brought up the this subject at our last Committee meeting, our Fall campout is held on property that has not been approved by council and the response I got was " we have never followed The Guidelines for our Fall campout and we don't want to." This past year we had our first Spring campout and on Council property. I insisted that we follow G2SS and out of 20 Families we had all 5 families from my Den and the Cubmasters. We still had a blast, even in the rain.
  9. Unless you split a large Den up. Each Den needs its own designation, 28 is a lot for one Den. You may want to look into the benefits of splitting into smaller Dens and each Den would have a seperate Den Leader and their own number they would keep till they cross over.
  10. Age Guidelines The Boy Scouts of America has established the following guidelines for its members’ participation in camping activities: Overnight camping by Tiger Cub, Wolf, and Bear Cub Scout dens as dens is not approved, and certificates of liability insurance will not be provided by the Boy Scouts of America. Tiger Cubs may participate in boy-parent excursions, day camps, pack overnighters, or council-organized family camping. Wolf and Bear Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts may participate in a resident overnight camping program operating under BSA National Campin
  11. it is all in how someone interprets age appropriate activities. you can always call it Family camping.
  12. I incourage camping whole heartedly. Families can do as they please on their own time. Only Webelos can camp as a Den
  13. Terminology has nothing to do with it. Definition and how someone interprets G2SS. Based on the response, and I want thank all who have chimed in. It sounds like others also have issues with members of a Pack treating a Pack organized camp out (overnighter) as recreation Family camping and since Cub Scouts is Family oriented, all Pack activities include Families. My question is how far do we go to encourage following G2SS guidelines and our BALOO training to insure the safety of all attending pack activities and what are the ramifications should a serious incident be relayed to Council and the
  14. I am a little confused and would like some clarification. Thanks
  15. (Man how things have changed..I was sleeping in Tents alone at 7 No wonder so many people consider scouts sissies..make sure to pack night lights) Not helpful. With our CO, local council and even national demanding strict adherence to YP and safety, how can you justify letting a 7 year old sleep alone in a tent next to a rolling river, a busy road in a public park. This was family camp, not invite you boyfriend for a roll in the sack and stick your kid in a separate tent camp. All other Scouts were sleeping with parents or in a tent with older sibs next to the parents tent.
  16. We had our Pack family camp and over all, from the initial response it was a huge success. I hoped for the best and prepared for the worst and I think we ended up on the better side. We camped at a rural city park, on a stretch of river bottom with a river on one side and a fairly busy road on the other. Over all it was a pleasant area. I was able to get the Pack Committee to agree on a few areas I had concerns. No individual campfires. We had a common campfire and the Magic Campfire was a little further from the camping area on a bend of the river hidden from the road. We had a central
  17. Yes, I do have the training through Council, though it is called Leader outdoor experience, it combines BALOO and the Weblos camp training in one. The don't go into detail of a pack camp out. We will have between 10 and 15 families attending. We have the location for the camp (not exactly what we planned on) I also have alternate locations. I have a camping agenda, activities and games in mind (still need approval from the committee) The cooking arrangements, I have no idea. I will propose that cooking will be done in Den's. I'm just hoping that all will workout and with all yo
  18. I want to thank all of you, for your input. It pretty much reinforces my thoughts on how a camp out should go. We only do one family camp a year. Would like to see more. I guess I need to put together a SOP For family camp. I am also the Outing Chair and I'm a little vague on exactly what that chair full responsibility's are, but I believe this falls somewhere in it's domain. Thanks WW
  19. Hello all, First time poster, long time reader. I am looking for input on the SOP of a pack family camp. Ive only been with the pack for a year, as well as being a transplant in a small community. I took on the chair to organize the family camp and have run into some quirks. I missed last years camp out, because it is usually the last weekend of September and it wasn't announced until that months pack meeting. I only have second hand info, I do know they had to relocate the camp because a wild party move into a camping area adjacent to ours. They moved to a local park and everything
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