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  1. I love being a Commissioner. I've been one for about a year. I was out of Scouting for about 10 years and was recruited by a customer at my grocery store. He was looking for an item we had on sale and we started talking about Scouting. Over the course of a couple months we got to know each other and he asked me if I wanted to become a Unit Commissioner. I had been a former ASM and SM and I said yes I would like to try it out. Well I just want to say I love being a Unit Commissioner.I jumped right in and took Commissioner Basic and just went to our Councils Commissioner College. As for troop re
  2. Maybe the troop needs to put it their troop guidelines and maybe make up a little hand out to give to new scouts then there is no issue. The parents and the scouts know it when they join the troop.
  3. Sorry to hear about the low turn out. As Scouters we have to get the young men excited about an event. If the troop leadership was luke warm in the message on how important it was I can't blame the scouts for not showing up. Good luck at the next meeting. Best thing to do is admit that a mistake has happened and do better next time.
  4. I have to agree with the Scout Master. There are enough issues to deal with with running a troop and you only have the boys for max an hour or two a week why should you have to compete with a cell phone. I personally think we would be much better off with out cell phones look at the disruption it causes in most families where the parents and the kids don't interact together what makes you think it wouldn't be any different on a Scouting event. I was dining out with my wife the other night when we noticed two parents and two children each sitting at the table but each one was on their own cell
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