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  1. Thank you for your reply. We are deeply rural. As for the 11y/os drunk and shooting up, its not so much them as it is the 15+ kids. I am frustrated but not to the point of giving up on these kids. I can and will not do that. We have one big fundraiser which is setting up and helping keep maintaience at a local 3 day festival during the summer. Im looking in to fundraising. My wife suggested something she did with her venture crew. It was a alnight dance at the moose club in mass. Kids paid to get in. There was pizza and drinks, they invited local bands to come and preform, which in most
  2. Trying really hard not to come off as argumenitive so forgive me if my posts seemed that way. I was under the understanding that a boy scout can not ask for donations to thier troop. Last poster pointed me out that there was no such rule. Ok. Heres my idea of what i would like to do. Its a very small troop 6 boys the current SM whom i will be take over his job in 8 months due to his retirment has a shirt only dress code. After talking to the boys they seem to want to go full scout uniform. We can fund raise but fund raisers here really only cover thier summer camp. High adventure is a dr
  3. I'm not looking for frees or handouts. But that in its self brings up a whole lot of questions about scouting in my mind. This is about the boys. It might not be that way all over but with my troop its about the boys. If i could pay for every single boy now and future i would but i just dont have the money for that. This is a very low income part of the world and as such parents don't have the money to spend on stuff like $150.00 uniforms plus all the camp out and such. I know there is programs out there to help low income kids with boyscouts,girlscouts ect. but i cant seem to get any info. As
  4. ok i may be wrong but i think in order to be bsa cert. for firearms,climbing instrutor, ect. you have to attent scouting university to take them programs. Same place you recieve training for summer camp director and other admin summer camp jobs. as i said i may be wrong but just a thought.
  5. Well, my advise is to take care of the pack at all cost. I understand about wanting to follow your child through to scouting and im sure nobody would hold it aginst you, but, a pack feeds a scout troop. I would hate to see (worse case) you pack fall apart and the troop do ok for a while then you end up two or three years down the road and the troop fall apart due to a unorganized pack not feeling your troop with boys. Its best for both pack an troop to keep the pack active and strong. Goodluck William
  6. Wow, thank you all so much for your advice. This site is a gold mine of info .
  7. Hello fellow scouts and adult leaders, I just started working with are local troop here and the scoutmaster wants me to take over his place as SM in about 8 months. Hes getting up in age and trying to be active in scouts and work full time, needless to say its getting to him. Anyways we have 6 scouts in our troop. I know its small but it can be so much more. There is trillions of adventures just waiting to be discovered in are state. My wife before we was married started a cub pack which was very sucessful and a venturing crew. Her crew went to seabase in florida and had alot of fun adven
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