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  1. Thanks ASM59!! While I appreciate the critiquing of our website from others (which we put into action), you actually understood the real question. I appreciate your insight and understanding of our issue. We're gonna solicit more input from our members and member of other troops in the DFW area. Perhaps with their input on the website coupled with the idea that we want their input about the program in general may generate some interest overall. It should be interesting and fun. Thanks again!!! Regards, Webscout193
  2. Thanks for looking at our homepage and providing some insight. We may perhaps remove some of the front page summaries and encourage folks to dig further into the site. Great idea! If you don't mind, could you check out some of the other pages available through the menu system and provide additional feedback? Perhaps a moderator can correct the link in my previous message to www.unit193.org with no extra period. We really didn't intend for it to be part of the link it was intended to be a grammatical insert. We have already clarified the registration request for the site. We only re
  3. For some reason we can't get our members, leaders, or parents to use our website. The site is www.unit193.org. Any ideas that we might could use to inspire people to use it?
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