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  1. I have the Webelos Den Meeting Plans, but I think I'm going to tweak it. There is a lot of "dry" stuff in a row and I want to get the boys outdoors here right now b/c winter is not far away for us here in Maine. I do have a den chief! YAY! I have given out the talent surveys, but it appears it will be 3 boys only in my den (including my son). So I am pretty confident it will go well. The other boys' parents are very involved. Thanks for everything!
  2. Thank you for all the help everyone! I am planning to attend WW, but it might just my son and myself. That is fine as I think it will be helpful for me to see how things are run in Webelos. Are Webelos allowed to start fires themselves? I thought I had read no, but wanted to be sure.
  3. Last question for now....(I think).....Is there a minimum Boy Scout rank required for a Den Chief? It's been alluded to the minimum rank required is a Life Scout? I hope it is not true, I have a First Class interested :/
  4. Awesome! Thank you so much for the advice! GREATLY appreciated!
  5. Thank you for the help everyone! Tonight is our first leader meeting. I am going to the Scout Store on Saturday to get a uniform and some books. Our Cub Master has a few books for me to look at tonight. I have been told that the Webelos Woods Wknd is more for Web 2s? Is that true? Would my den benefit as we are just starting Web 1? Thanks for all the great links! I have a long list bookmarked now!
  6. Ahh! Thank you! I will email our council then for clarification!
  7. So I do not have to be OWLS qualified before I go on an overnight camping trip with the den? I was under the impression that I had to be?
  8. How can I go with my den though if I'm not trained in time?
  9. Well, I can't change my user name :/ Thank you for letting me know that "Webelo" is not correct. I appreciate it. I did all of the training online last night. I looked on our district's website the only training I see is in October it is a BALOO, OWLS, & ITOLS Training? There is a Webelos Woods Campout in September though. With the training being in October, that means we can't attend, as I am not overnight qualified yet correct?
  10. Hi! I just signed on to be the Webelos 1 Den Leader for our pack. I have been an active parent for the last 2 years of Cub Scouting. I was frustrated with our old den leader as nothing was ever accomplished at our meetings. I did it all at home with my son. As a Den Leader I want to ensure we are working on things at our meetings and to really make parents accountable for the work needed to be done outside of our meetings. Any and all advice would be GREATLY appreciated!
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