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  1. Thanks for all the quick replies. I was hoping I would be able to keep him in Webelos but wasn't sure what kind of problems it might bring up. It's definitely nice to have such a good resource with these posts.
  2. im new to cub scouting, although im a 21 yr. old eagle scout and currently an asst. scmstr. the troop i work with recently revived its cub pack, and i'm working as webelos one den leader. i have a homeschooled boy in my den but he is only 8. i know the age req. for boy scouts depends on completing the fifth grade. this kid is in the fourth grade in his homeschooling. i can see it maybe being a problem when he crosses over, but i'm not sure on the technicalities. should we keep him in webelos one or put him in the bear den?
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