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  1. Not one boy scout troop went into three oar deal this year!!!!!
  2. I posted here a few years ago regarding the snake river. There is a hydraulic called "three oar deal" and in years past many scout troops have ran this hazard. I have personally saved numerous lives from this hydraulic without even a thank you. You guys must have done something cause I did not see one boat hit this hole this year! That is great and I thank you for whatever ya'll did!
  3. remember that a fed bear is a dead bear. Once a bear eats human food its over for that bear. Take the time to hang your food and teach responsible wilderness habits
  4. I did not criticize all leaders just the ones that float into a class 6 hazard with little kids. http://madriverguidewaynephillips.blogspot.com/ I took some video of the hole today and will post tommorow. Thanks to the few that realize what my point is! wayne phillips of mad river boat trips
  5. Note that they had made 2 successful trip down there already. They got off the line on this last one. I have seen professional guides do this and flip rafts also. "this from nds scout" Got off line what are you talking about you don't have any clue as to my point. Nobody runs three oar deal NOBODY I am a competent class V boater and would never run this hazard NEVER. and to take scouts there is negligence, to say that craig was an experienced boater is wrong sorry. That is my point and if nobody gets it here than natural selection will rule! Bye all I tried my best and thanks to the FEW t
  6. Why don't people get it? I am going to post a video of this hazard its not a rapid is is to always be avoided not run. The only people that go into this hole are inexperienced river runners its as bad as a strainer. The info I provided is what happened I was there and helped out. This was the 5th or 6th boy scout troop to float into this hazard THIS YEAR. If professional river guides had not floated by and rescued kids from this hole more kids would of died. None of the kids in this accident were prepared for the river the temp of the water was 40 degrees none of the kids had wetsuits so
  7. I was there and helped with the rescue. The boat was not running a rapid its a hazard that is not Ever run by anybody that has a clue. To say that I was misinformed is wrong the paper sugar coats it and gives false information. The purpose of my post is to stop these accidents not piss anybody off. The guide who perished has no Idea what a hydrolic is and WAS NOT A real guide. This was the 5th or 6th boy scout troop to get worked in this hole that should always be avoided.
  8. I am an 18 year professional guide on the snake river in wyoming and I have a problem. There is a feature on this river called three oar deal it is an unrunable river hydrolic. Over the years I have rescued at least 6 boy scout troops from almost certain death. There have not been any until yestersday. A boy scout leader took his troop into this hole and killed one boy there would of been more but we luckily floated by just in time. I personally have risked my life numerous times trying to prevent a fatality because of the GROSS negligence by the leaders that have taken there kids into t
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