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  1. Eagle Scout and (Not really a patch) my Vigil Honor sash that I recieved in 2007. Eagle Scout showed my personal dedication and hard work to achieve such a wonderful award. But my Vigil Sash showed me that all my endevors in the Scouting program wasnt just for me but was also for others, i dont consider my Eagle better than recieving Vigil nor the same in vise-versa.
  2. Hey, Thank you guys for you help. I know that college comes first but i was just looking for a way to still be active in the OA while in college. One thing i really like and would like to know more about is College Scouter Reserve. I'm not quite sure what that is and i would like to know more if anyone has any information about it, is it a council thing or does national actually recognize it. I dont want to spark a whole new debate so ill just as this on this forum, but what would be the proper uniform for someone who is in College Scouter Reserve? Once again thank you for all your ideas.
  3. Hello Everyone, Well here is the problem I have ran across. I am currently 20 years old. Next summer I will be moving to a local town to go to college. The college town also happens to be the center of our lodge/council. I will be take pretty tough classes and I know it will be hard to be an Assistant Scoutmaster at a troop up there. I am currently an Assistant Scoutmaster at my local troop and I know how demanding the job can be. I know that this my be a touchy subject but how can I still be involved with my OA lodge but at the sametime not being an Assistant scoutmaster at a troop (ill
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