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  1. I DO get involved and I DON"T sit by the sidelines. I've helped out each meeting I"ve been to. I'm the ONLY parent that comes to the meetings. There is 5 adults for 8 girls. Thats quite a good low ratio. It isn't for lack of help. You're right, I will probably see if a few more meetings change the situation. You're comment was very premature to assume I wasn't there helping out......
  2. Hi, I signed up my daughter for Brownies a couple of weeks ago. They meet once a week at 6:00 pm in her school. I didn't know what to expect, but I'm close to taking my daughter out of the troop. The leaders are very nice, but very disorganized.I thought there would be more structure and activities related to a girl scout meeting. The girls do a craft, a snack and go home. My issues are the time of the meeting, 6:00 pm is a little late for 6 year olds to gather IMHO. The troop leader can't seem to keep the girls focused and calm. They run all around the auditorium and don't listen or care
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