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  1. That's funny. . . As for the thread . . . . I am LDS and have been in scouting for a while, no big deal position, merit badge counselor, advancement chairperson. one son is an Eagle the other is working on his project now. No more sons. Phew! Religion is part of my life and I would not have done anything with Scouts if it were not for my religion. I don't like camping, but I've done it for the boys, and I prefer the Music, Citizenship and computer type of badges rather than too much outdoors, except for swimming.
  2. I'm sort of new here, have been just looking around, reading things. I might have something to say about religion and scouting, but with all this talk about Chili, I'd rather talk about food. How about some Chicago Style Pizza . . . oops, that doesn't have anything to do with the subject . . . is pizza a political issue?
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