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  1. Our local Woodworking merit badge counsellor wants to allow boys to work in a group on the projects required for woodworking merit badge. This means that each boy would only contribute to parts of the projects required for requirements 4 & 5 rather than independantly producing their own project. Is this acceptable? Martin Trew Scoutmaster, Troop 111 Patriots Path Council
  2. I'd ask some of those "other" troops whether they got tour permits for the activity. Our council won't give permits for paintball or laser tag. The only way to do it is outside the confines of BSA as a parent/son event amongst a group of friends. Martin Trew Scoutmaster, T111, NJ
  3. As I said in my original post, I was planning on counting the number of nights so all of your examples would count as 2 camping days. Otherwise, it would seem almost impossible to reach some of the higher levels of the award. Martin Trew Scoutmaster, T111, NJ
  4. The National Camping Award requirements state "On other campouts, at least 33 percent of your Scouts must be in attendance for each twenty-four-hour period to count as a camper day to qualify for the troop ribbons." My question pertains to the 24 hour period statement. If I take this literally, a weekend camping trip from 5pm on Friday to noon on Sundat only counts as one camper day rather than two as it doesn't cover a complete 48 hours. I was planning on counting it as two camper days as it includes two nights of camping. Does this seem unreasonable? Martin Trew Scoutmaster, T111
  5. It's almost a year later and I thought I'd bring everyone up to date on the DUI & possession situation. Alomst all of the charges were dropped for a number of reasons mainly involving poor police procedure at the time of arrest. As a troop, we suspended the boy from troop meetings and camping trips for three months as despite the fact that the charges were dropped he WAS caught with beer cans in the car. He was told he could continue to work towards getting his Eagle project approved and work on merit badges while he was suspended. Of course, he did neither and after the end of his suspens
  6. Can someone tell me what is the offical definition of the "Unit Leader"? Is it the Scoutmaster, Committee Chair or is anyone who is registered as an adult leader regarded as a "unit leader"?
  7. We have a situation in our troop with a 17 year old who has been charged with DUI and possession of marijuana. He is a Life Scout who only needs to complete his Eagle Service Project to be ready for his Eagle Board Of Review. While he is clearly innocent until proven guilty in court it raises a number of issues which I am wondering if anyone has had prior experience with. 1. Should we allow the boy to go forward with his Eagle application while the charges are pending? 2. What action should we take if the boy is convicted?
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