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    Adults wearing uniforms to boost ego?

    I have been involved in scouting as a boy and an adult volunteer. For me wearing the scout uniform is a clear demonstration of pride in belonging to an organization built on the strong character and moral fiber of its members. As an Eagle Scout I took great pride in wearing my full uniform merit badge sash and medals. I understood well some of my fellow scouts would be impressed by my accomplishements and be inspired to apply themselves earning their advancement. I also knew some would critisize me but I personally knew that seeral of them were only jealous and envious of my success in scouting. As an adult volunteer I view it as my responsibility to wear my class A uniform with pride as it sets an example to my scouts. I wear my embroidered knots for earning the Arrow of Light and Eagle Scout to show my scouts that these are accomplishments to pride even as an adult. Likewise I will wear my "Trained" leader badge and adult recognition awards with pride not for my ego, but to show my fellow scouters that I care enough about scouting and my job as an adult leader to take hours of training and volunteer hundreds of hours of service to make the scouting program the best I can for my scouts and community. I hope that by wearing these adult leader recognition emblems I will inspire my fellow Scouters to also get trained and volunteer hundreds of hours. Even though the embroidered knot generals may for some look to be self serving egotists, I look at them with pride and recognize the sacrafice and service that stands behind each little knot, badge, and medal they wear on their uniforms. I hope we never run out of these individuals for their accomplishments are Scoutings gain and the price; a certificate, a piece of cloth, and a bit of pride in their uniform and themselves.