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  1. Greaves - The ASM brought his own son (16) along when he drove my son home. I read the scout rules and that's not a violation. However, when he left to do that (after yelling at my husband because we couldn't come and get him immediately - our car would not make the trip and they didn't give us time to try to find a friend who would loan us one), the CC had already left and he left the boys with 3 dads, known of whom is either committee or uniformed leadership. I don't want to get the ASM into trouble over that. As I have said, he is really an excellent ASM, very experienced in campin
  2. I can't approach the CC about removing the advisor. He hasn't even responded yet to my request that he not attend the meeting. They are good friends and hang out together outside of scouting. My husband called the COR tonight. He is out of the country till next week. If the SM can't prevail on the CC to keep the advisor from the meeting, there will be no meeting. That is my line in the sand. Once my son's situation is settled, if we are still in the troop, I will address the advisor situation. If the advisor is not kept out of the loop, we will be out of the troop.
  3. The "advisor" wasn't there and neither was I. However, as a parent, I am not putting my two cents in; I am an involved party. The SM wasn't on the trip. He is an involved and necessary party and his input is not putting his two cents in. Frankly, if the SM had been on the trip this would never have happened. He runs a tight but fair ship. You and the other people who have kindly responded to me are not putting in your two cents, you are giving solicited comments. The "advisor" may be giving solicited advice to the CC and the ASM but not to me. He does NOT have my son's best interes
  4. Scoutfish - I don't really think everyone is arrayed against my son - just the "advisor." People do kowtow to him because he has a position in Council. The ASM admitted that he knew the SM didn't want him to announce it (he told the SM) but he was so angry that he did it, anyway. ASM's son is the single most annoying boy in the Troop. He hates scouting and is only in it because his dad loves the camping, etc. The boy would be very happy just to drop out and at 16 1/2 has not advanced beyond second class. My son has always dealt with him very well (ASM son's issues are very similar
  5. Scoutfish - The friendship with ASM was damaged when he announced to all of the people present that my son had been "expelled" from Scouting despite having been told not to by the SM. He, as an adult, chose to subject my 13 year old son to humiliation AND to reduce my youngest son (who, as I mentioned, had just bridged to the troop the night before and was on his first scout outing; he thought his brother had been taken to jail!) to tears. The son who was involved had already been dropped off at home and wasn't even there. NOBODY but my 13 year old, the ASM and the CC knew what had hap
  6. And as an afterthought - I mentioned his anxiety disorder and his IEP only because it is something that has been fully disclosed to all adults involved for years. They know that he has difficulties when backed against a wall; we have had meetings and brainstormed about how to handle this IF it came up, which it never has in five years before this. I can't figure out why they didn't just take a cool down period at the camping trip and come back to it. My 13 year old said that they just started yelling at his brother and yelling and that he was cowering in a corner. None of the adults h
  7. My son has been co-registered with the Venture crew since he turned 14. He has also been hired to staff at summer camp this year; he was a CIT last year. He is not and has not been a discipline problem out of the ordinary before this. He is currently a PL and has been a den chief, an APL, a troop instructor and a troop guide. I assume he will be losing his PL status and that is fine. The BOR at which he was held up was two years ago. The reason the "advisor" gave was that my son MUMBLED! Not that he said anything wrong or his answers were incorrect, but that he mumbled; he was TWEL
  8. i just found out from my husband that the "advisor" is a committee member in our troop, but so am I. There is another troop that I could put my youngest boy into and a Venture crew for the older 2 but we all LOVE our SM and don't want to leave him. This "advisor" actually managed to get our SM suspended two years ago on bogus charges (as witness the fact that the SM is back in place after the investigation was done). I have been begging the SM to move over to the Venture crew as the leader there wants to give up the post, but ... The saddest part about it is that the "advisor's" so
  9. To make a very long story short, my 15 year old son, a life Scout, was overheard telling his younger brother, a First class scout, that washing pots on a camping trip to the point of sterilization was stupid because they were just going to be washed again at home. This comment somehow devolved into my son saying that "Respect is earned, not conferred." Our committee chair took that as a personal insult and when my son refused to back down, he was brought home from the trip by the ASM. The CC had already left as he was not staying over in any regard. My son says that he never said t
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