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  1. Actually, you don't need the Group Exemption Number at all. You can leave that blank. The banks require an identifier now. Period. They say it is since the 9/11 stuff, Patriots Act, etc. The bank assured me that having the EIN is no problem, as long as we are ina no interest bearing account and don't have gross revenues over $25k per year. But still.....I'm trying to get the CO to cough up the EIN for our use.
  2. Jumping in on this discussion, I am on a anothe list for Venturing and we have been debating the pros/cons of a unit filing for their own EIN number for the purpose of establishing a checking account. The chartering organization, a church, would rather we did not use theirs if possible, and we are not paying employess, withholding taxes, not collecting interest on accounts, not likely to have gross revenues of more than $25K per year, so we should not have any issues. Any "gifts or contributions" will run through our chartering organization to qualify for the tax deductible donation. Any
  3. We are getting ready to purchase our first troop trailer this week. We have decided on a Haulmark 7X12 trailer with a single side door and double rear doors. It's a beauty! Anyway, my questions have to do with the trailer. I am assuming our chartered organization has to actually buy and be the registered owner of the trailer correct? And does anyne know of any good graphics design we can use on our trailer? I have a graphics designer in California willing to do the graphics work if we supply him the artwork, but I need some ideas. I thought about having the BSA logo and the troop nam
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