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  1. It isn't our position to diagnose these kids. Only quailfied doctors can do that. The only thing that we as leaders can do is make sure these kids remain busy. If you can do several different things in a den meeting this will keep them from getting up during meetings. This is a touchy subject with many parents. Some parents know there is something different with their child however there are others that will deny the whole thing. Best thing is to be knowledgable about what to do with these boys but not influence parents on your beliefs. There are a couple of boys in our pack that I beli
  2. My son has ADD and I'm the tiger den leader of 10 boys. I've found it difficult but not impossible. If you have an ADD/ADHD boy, you need that parent working with the boy. I don't care what age he is unless he can control himself. My son's attention isn't where the rest of the boys are most times. If we do a den meeting and he's not "there" then I let him be. These boys can't consentrate with so much stimulation to the brain. Things like outside noise, something that isn't in a rotine, a lot of boys --- so much can take away their ability to stay on tack. Personally I work on things at
  3. Thanks sctmom, You gave me some ideas that were good ones. Sounds like you "know" scouting and boys. The "Helps program" was what I was refering to. I've not found much help with the themes I'm doing.
  4. I understand that the boys have a long time to work on belt loops and etc. However the tiger leader last year did nothing. Much of our boys dropped out. I personally think that ideas book is a crock. I am doing my own themes - Oct. is "fun with books". Activities including - reading a book "Arthur's Halloween", puppet making, making a personalize bookmark and starting scrapbook. Also every meeting we include games as well. If I keep up this pace we will need to work on other activities (belt loops) during the scouting year.
  5. Thank you. I hope that they continue to fine tune the tiger program. I'm finding that most of the requirements can be done quickly and most of the electives are "GO" activities. There are only so many go activities to do expectially during the winter months. Also the belt loops - sports most can not be done during winter months and the acedimic ones are over most of the tigers ability.
  6. Does anyone know why the tigers wear orange t-shirts? It seems to me very informal considering the cubs uniforms. I was told that the uniforms give the boys a sense of belonging. However when the tigers are with the other scouts they seem to stick out,not conform.
  7. CM has not told anyone to my knowledge any way. The Assitant CM is new too. She too are like the leaders. She discourages us from going to roundtable meetings. She didn't want to go to pow wow until the DE suggested that she needed to. Not sure if she will though. Most of all I think we just need to be more organized so that the boys can get the most out of being a cub scout. About pack committee to be honest none us really are sure of the duties. This is the first year that the pack start the committee. However, if leaders come up with an idea it is just forgot about and when she com
  8. In our pack the leaders make up the pack committee. We do not have a lot of parents that get involved. I wish they would but we can't change them. However I'm introducing BSA family program to try in my den. I thought this would make parents understand they need to be there for their child. I'm confused on how to get our pack on track with so many issues. All leaders are going a great job but enternal problems are my concern. They boys could get so much more out of scouting if things were worked out.
  9. Our problems are with missing money, boys not getting awards, and planning that envolves months of work only to find out that CM didn't do it. Leaders pick up the ball and do it. I'm just flusterated about the whole thing. This is not what scouts are about and I want to change this current sprial of things.
  10. I'm not new to scouting just new to leadership. Our cub scout pack has had trouble in the past but everyone is trying their best to eleminate some of the issues. All leaders are having difficulties with CM. It seem that all leaders are doing work and planning for all activities relating to pack organized meetings even planning parties have been dumped on leaders. I don't mind helping because utimatelly it is for the boys not CM. However the CM gets all the praise even our DE is praising her. To be quite honest our cubmaster hasn't even been trained as CM. While the rest of us have been
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