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  1. So many great replies. Thank you all for sharing your experience and knowledge on a great resource....this forum. I totally agree that the scouts should lead the way. We're not nearly to the point where I can say that we're a scout led troop, but we'll get there. We haven't yet offered JLT, but it's planned for this spring. Our oldest scouts (the original 5) are now turning 12 and I've got a new batch of 8 Webelos who crossed over who are 11. Two of my scouts earned 11 merit badges in the first year, most of them in group settings, about half of the offerings from programs offered
  2. The approval process is similar in our district. You are only notified if the application is rejected.......most often because the applicant did not want to share their Social Security #. How about a simple 'Thank You' note to the applicant to let them know they've been approved and to thank them for their involvement.
  3. We are a first year troop. One of my scouts has a brother in a nearby troop and the brother and his parents are still active there. One of the parents is having his/her son from our troop attend merit badge sessions with the other troop. He/she has asked another one of our scouts (who's parent is an ASM in our troop)to attend with his/her son. My complaint is that all of our scouts should be offered the same opportunity. When my spouse or I hold merit badge sessions we don't exclude anyone. I've suggested that we need to grow our own merit badge program with our own counselors, b
  4. Thank you all for your replies. I will be checking with the local council as a follow up. Happy Camping in warm weather or cold!!
  5. At a recent Roundtable I heard that the cold weather requirement (below 32F for 24 hrs.)for the Polar Bear patch is no longer a requirement. I understand that the camping only has to occur within certain months of the year. I haven't found anything official. My first time on the forum and I'm a new SM. Can anyone enlighten me?
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