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  1. I've read through a lot of these posts, and here's my two cents worth. I think everything changed, America's beliefs, children's rolls in America, and parents aspirations, when the American people were no longer referred to as citizens, but rather consumers. There was a time when the large majority of families in America had one bread winner in the family, but not anymore. Does it cost more to live today than it did thirty, forty, fifty years ago? No, we've just lost our vision on importance today, and we are letting sophisticated marketing be our moral compass. Today's America refuse
  2. Boy, my 7th grade daughter would love it! She's tried the Girl Scouts twice at different ages, and both times abandon them. Having two older brothers in Boy Scouts, and having participated in some of their outings and meetings as a visitor with a parent, she's had a lot to compare Girl Scouts to, and she says the Girl Scouts doen't even come close.
  3. All, I know this is an old post, but many folks like me may just now be running across this info. Here's what we learned in 2008 with our first son, and what we're finding this go around with our second son in 2010. Our first son built an outdoor classroom for his high school, and he was very successful in gaining donations for any food provided during work days at Kroger, Ingles and Publix. He got very little from Home Depot and Lowes. They truly were not interested. He was very fortunate to stumble across a gentleman that pushed him on to a company that does insurance claim work, and
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