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  1. My troop has been progressing towards ''proper'' uniforms. I right now have requested for the boys to get official BSA pants. I took over this troop a couple years ago, and most meetings no one was in a uniform shirt. They even, during saluting the flag would say "hand over heart" so at least they knew not to salute. I informed all the boys when I took over that they had to wear uniform shirts. We ordered class B only for basic meeting but the rule was , court of honors, having visitors or board of review & conferences... class A. I know my son was probably the worst offender as I sometime
  2. Glad your second weekend was great. I also felt like it was the best two weekends of my adult life in many many years. I have 4 new great friends. We have met a couple times since our course last year. The first member of our patrol is getting his beads next month and we all have agreed to be there. We struggled a little with our tickets but had a great TG. I was amazed that the knowledge I learned at WB made it much easier to guide the boys in my troop this year as we started up our meetings again. I have been asked (and agreed to) to staff the next course in 2009 "I used to be a BEAR!
  3. Our troop just reserved tickets for the scout weekend West Point Football Game in September. Anyone recommend where we might find camping in the area?
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