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  1. Thanks for the input. We will be doing what I originally planned - taking parts of various ceremonies and combining them into our own. I like the order we have planned out and if there is no set order (which I suspected there wasn't) we will go with what feels right. And no, we will not be doing a FOS piece. Our troop gives to FOS from our dues, and also collects a substantial donation during our regular CoH - we keep the Eagle ceremonies just about the Eagle Scout.
  2. I am putting together an Eagle Court of Honor, and was wondering if there is any "official" order that needs to be followed, particularly with respect to the Eagle charge and response? I had planned to put the Eagle charge and other eagle presentations (awards, pins etc.) together, and then at the end of all of that have the eagle response. I was told by the SM that the response should follow immediately after the charge. I'm not sure I see this as a requirement - isn't much of the ceremony up for individual design?
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