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  1. Thanks folks all the information, is a great help. An to reply to FScouter the reason I guess that I would like to see things in writing, is to insure that I have the most correct and updated information. It like training to me, the scouts in the troop need a will trained and correctly informed leader or leaders to guide them along. If I am wrong to thinking that way, I guess I will just have to be wrong. God bless and have a Merry Xmas and a great new year.
  2. Where can I find something in write that states that a Scoutmaster has to be at every outing? I have a committee member who thinks that the scoutmaster has to be at every outing. But to my understanding if there are enough trained assist scoutmaster. Are in the troop they can go as the adult to help the SPL as needed in place of the scoutmaster. Am I incorrect if so where can I find it in writing?
  3. I asked some more questions, and from what I was told. In the new merit badge requirements the scouts, I believe the guy said, it was ether the NRA First steps, or the NRA Basic course that the scouts have to take to do the new merit badge. If this is true then they make it the same requirements threw out BSA. I believe that this is a great idea. The more gun safety training a youth can get the better it is for the youth, I believe. Is there any way to check if this information is correct or not?
  4. Is BSA changing the requirements for the rifle, shotgun merit badges in 2010? I have been told this by several leaders. Is it true?
  5. Eagle92 the boys are trying to decide where they would like to go next year. So at this time I dont have a leader's guide for any summer camps program. That why I am looking for the information. I am most grateful for yours and the other replies to my question. Thanks
  6. Yes it is true that many councils do indeed post maps of their camps. An many of them try very hard to so. But from what I have came across so many of them are just unreadable. To be helpful to new scouts that may visit a camp, a general readable map would be helpful. You would not have to have every new trail, or building listed just the main buildings and main trails would be a big help. I just try to give my scouts as much information that I can so that the scouts can make informed thoughtful decisions. But some times a simple enough thing is hard to do.
  7. It sure would be nice to be able to go to just one site. That would have the layout of each camping area, which could be used to show the scouts. Of a camps general layout of its area. I dont understand why each Council has not done this.
  8. I have been tring to find a drawing or something that is readable of camp davy crockett camping area and site.Everything that I have find has been unreadable. I have ran to this problem before with other camping areas. Is there a site that has this type of information on all the bsa camping areas?
  9. Good points. I showed the parent youll answers. But then she asked me the following. But would it not be better if all RSOs run the ranges the same way every time. She said has have seen one RSO run his range one way and another RSO run his range another. Both ranges where run well within all range guidelines. But would it not better if everyone worked with the same set of guide lines? Would it not be better if everyone was trained the same way every time? Would it not make it easier for a new parent going threw archery or bb gun training to able to work with any RSOs. By standardizing each tr
  10. Thanks guys for your input. I am a NRA RSO I was just asked this question. An I did not have a answer for the person. So it seem that there are not any National BSA rules about using scouts to help on ether area. So it would be up to the districts Shooting sport director to set the rule for his district. Am I correct in my understanding?
  11. To help on BSA Archery Range or BB range with cub scouts during a Cub Scout event, what are the requirements for a scout to help? A where can I find the guide line for the required training for them to do so? I have been told that it is ok for a Scout to help on ether ranges. But I have been unable to find any requirements for the training of neither the Scout nor the rule showing that it is ok for them to do so.
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