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  1. Wow, thanks again all. Good observations and sincerely appreciated. sysprog
  2. It looks like fgoodwin put it pretty well, "all the disclaimers in the world don't change the fact that this is a den (and therefore a Cub Scout) event", or in the brief as FScouter say's..."quack". Yes, I have a son in the pack, but I've left the pack leadership to move on to one of our local troops with our older son. Several boys will attend without parents. I guess I just grin and bear it 'till the year is up as this bunch is a wee bit maverick when it comes to scouting regs ,even if they are a bit on the conservative side. It's a bit nuts to go jump through Safe Swim
  3. I'm in a pickle. Our cub packs Webelos II den has decided to camp. But not as a cub den. No tour permit, no BALOO trained folks. I don't even think any of the pack leaders have ANY training for that matter. They have presented a permission slip stating THIS IS NOT A PACK EVENT. Activities will include BBs and canoeing. The boys will be given credit toward advancement for work done on this outing. How much 'trouble' can this cause the pack and the leaders? Is it 'legal' as since they have stated it's not a cub scout event?? I have about a million other questions too, but I won't bore you
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